When can I buy candy?

You’ve caught us right at a break so we can update some equipment and move into a new larger production/ retail location.  It's all very exiting but does mean we won’t have any restock until we are settled in our new home.  Unfortunately most of it is out of our control and in the hands of contractors and inspectors.  Wish we had a hard date to say, but contractors 🤔

We will be keeping everyone updated through our social media accounts @stickyusa 
When we come back, it will be bigger and better than ever.

Why don’t you do live videos?

At the moment we don’t have the staff or space for live videos.  We are working on expanding into a new larger location.


Are we working on a Brick and Mortar?

Yes!  Yes we sure are.  Right in the middle of construction.


Email is the best way questions@stickyusa.com for questions regarding your order, mistakes or damages.

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Back in soon 🤞

Taking a bit of a break. We will be back ASAP after we get settled into our NEW SHOP!!!

Follow on social media more details!

@stickyusa insta and facebook


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