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04 Apr 2019

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Watching Candy

There's something wonderful about watching candy being made.  If its watching your parent make brownies or lollipops in the kitchen or a trip to the Hershey’s factory, it’s just cool.  We’ve combined the two together at our shop in Hollywood Ca.  

We are a manufacturing retailer.  At Sticky we make everything we sell in front of you every day.  It's a show that is entertaining and educational, using traditional techniques updated and honed into something magical.  You can sample any flavors you like, and if you’re lucky, you might just get to try some warm candy fresh off the table.

We specialize in making Rock Candy in the traditional Australian technique.  We hand sculpt beautiful images of fruits and characters.  But we really shine when it comes to our custom candy for weddings or corporate events.  Come by and watch the magic happen or follow us on social media @stickyusa