Candy Stock Info:  

We have been working very hard to keep stock available all the time.  We are constantly making fresh batches each week.  New candy is released on Wednesday.

We like to keep everyone updated through our social media accounts @stickyusa so make sure to follow and keep notifications turned on!

Do you do live videos?

We sure do!  We have a Tuesday Live at 5pm Pacific on Facebook.  We post video notifications in stories on both Instagram and Facebook, be sure to follow us and have notifications turned on.  @stickyusa

Do you have a retail store?

We do, you can book an appointment for a candy viewing if you shoot us an email: questions@sticyusa.com

or call 805-369-2442.

We are located in the Tin City Annex near Paso Robles CA. 

Do you ship International?

Right now, we are focusing on getting candy to the USA, Canada and the UK.

We will open more international countries in the next future.


Email is the best way questions@stickyusa.com for questions regarding your order, mistakes, or damages. 

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Restock Wednesday @ 6pm pacific

We're back! 6pm pacific on Wednesdays, website restock.

Follow on social media more details!

@stickyusa insta and facebook


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