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Sticky makes some of the world’s most beautiful retail candy sold anywhere in the world. Our range is constantly changing, but below are a few of our most popular flavours. Have a look at the pictures below, and then come in and watch us make something beautiful right before your eyes, all day every day.

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  • @Stickylollies voting yes for #marriageequaility Passionfruit, Apple, Cherry (“Passion in the Chapel”) flavoured ca…
    Sep 25 2017 9:15:19 pm
  • @ahechtcasting Hey Andrew. Love to chat. Currently based in Australia. Email maybe? [email protected] Look forward to speaking
    Mar 25 2017 11:53:12 pm
  • I love #rainbow #lolipops. Raspberry Lemonade this time. 😛😛😛 Sooooooo delicious.
    Nov 26 2015 6:00:37 am
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