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Please complete this inquiry form with as much information as possible. If you are unsure of what you want please just complete your namephone and email and click “submit inquiry” at the bottom of the page. We will contact you to discuss how we can make you something beautiful shortly.

In our experience everyone has different requirements, and there are virtually infinite ways we can help you. Once we have your details we will provide you a quote for your candy. You can also click here to our pricing and packaging page for a guide to costs.

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Please use the colour table above as a guide to your colour choice. Our candy is completely hand made and colour variations do occur.


Due to our unique hand-sculpted candy making process, the minimum amount we can customize is 18lbs. This is generally a good amount for most purposes, depending on how you would like it packaged.

You can have a look at Pricing and Packaging for some indicative pricing and images, but remember, we can do just about anything you like. As a simple guide, 18lb, unpackaged, costs $295.00.

All you really need to indicate below is what kind of packaging you are thinking of, and some idea of quantities if you already know what you want. We will be in contact very shortly to discuss how much candy you will need, and give you a quote on the total cost.

If you’re not sure, just leave the field blank and we’ll have a very sticky chat.

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Candy provided in bulk 2lb bags
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